Thing #22 – Twitter

I have had a Twitter account for over two years and quite honestly have never actively used it. I did follow Danah Boyd re Social media etc., and several other people in relevant fields…my pursuit did trail off. Heaven knows why 15 people are “following” me.  I resuscitated my account because of this course and have added several people working actively in Web 2.0. I also have many of them in my Google Reader and suspect that that is where I will keep track of their comments, etc. vs. Twitter. Diigo has become a major tool in my bag; I have been adding and tagging important webpages that I will be using this year in class, plus other articles of interest. I get daily updates on my email from Diigo of pages tagged and commented upon by others. THAT is really helpful; the prompt comes right to might active email, is rich in detail/commentary.  At this stage, I do not see Twitter being a major player in my life given the other tools that I have discovered over the last 10 weeks. I will keep it going for a while to see if it does become indispensable.

A side note, Ihave already set up a reminder to be part of a Twitter discussion #langchat, and appreciate the link to cybraryman foreign language. I will dip into the suggestions here and, perhaps, contribute!

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